Inventory Management

A centralised view of your operations

Multi-channel inventory management made easy

Real-time stock levels

From 1 store to 100, gain a real-time overview of your stock levels to make smart replenishment decisions.

Integrated e-commerce

Enable an omni-channel shopping experience for your customers, keeping products, orders and stock levels synced.

Centralised purchasing

Consolidate the inventory demand from all your branches to decide exactly how much stock to purchase from suppliers.

Mobile cycle counts

Use any smart device to perform stocktakes

Partial counts

Break your stock takes up into smaller, manageable sections by brand, category or location throughout the month.

Pair a barcode scanner

Use your device’s built-in camera to scan barcodes and QR codes, or pair a barcode scanner for increased speed.

Works offline

Continue your stock takes through into your stores storeroom, or the ends of your warehouse without an internet connection.

Powerful purchasing

with multi-currency, fifo inventory control

Purchase history
Loyalty balance
Favourite product
Store visit count

Enterprise level control

to scale your retail business with peace of mind

Blind Cashups

Gain greater oversight, and limit any manipulation of your daily cash ups

Return Reason Codes

Better understand your returns and exchanges by requiring staff to specify a reason code

Manager Overrides

Allow only your managers to override certain tasks, like manual returns and discounts

Integrated Payments

Closely control your credit card transactions and speed up your transaction times

Max Discount %

Specify a max allowed discount percentage for each and every staff member

Blocked Functions

Every point of sale function can be turned on and off, based on your businesses needs

Automatic Promotions

Program your promotions from head office, and allow these to apply automatically in-store

Credit Limits

Set specific credit limits for certain customers to allow them to buy on account

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